Wolferion Entertainment

Colony Age Robot Outbreak

Short Description:

You are engineer robot fighting hostile intruders which are invading your space ship! Prepare your weapons and roll in to action!

Additional Description:

  • In this game you're controlling robot.
  • Robot has 7 different main weapons to shoot down hostile robots and objects.
  • Laser can be used to cut through obstacles and to destroy enemy bots.
  • Welder tool (blue laser) is used to fix and construct ally turrets & robots.
  • Shield is used to absorb damage from hostiles.
  • Magnet allows to grab and drag crates, mines, turrets and several other things.
  • Robot can be customized.
  • Wheels - (Health and speed bonuses)
  • Head - (Weapon)
  • Chassis - (Health and speed bonuses)
  • Lights - (Visually)


Game Mechanics:

  • Game has Upgrade system.
  • Achievements system
  • Perk system - bonuses that can be gained by earning score.
  • There are several types of enemies, from ground turrets & lasers to raging enemy tank bots.
  • Game will feature Highscores
  • User friendly basics tutorials.

Levels feature:

  • Intense Combat
  • Defense
  • Counter Attack
  • Building Defenses

Screenshots: (Click on them to see larger)