Wolferion Entertainment

Zombie Crusade


Zombie Crusade is a solid tower defence game set in middle ages times and you are attacked by zombified crusaders. Game consists of 6 offensive tower types and 3 support tower types. Towers can be upgraded and combined along with support towers to reach maximum potential.



Eight Different maps with difficulty from very easy to very hard.
Two speed-up options: normal, 2x, 3x.
Game statistics per map: highest score, win and lose count.
Nine different tower types.
Hot keys, like shift+click to build multiple towers.
Starting tutorials/instructions of 1st level.
Game walthrough.
Tips and keys in ingame menu.
Six different elements which apply to towers and enemies.
Interactive UI: Mute music, Mute sounds, Change volume of sounds, Change speed of game, Send wave instantly.
Multi path enemy walking.