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Return to Church

Return to Church is multiplayer total conversion of Half-Life 2. Mod is set in around 1999 and takes place in in various church-based settings.
Player here must choose his destiny either to defend humanity by joining slayers or to side to vampire family to extend its kin or join clan of werewolves which have no mercy for their enemies.
Diversity of game is that every team has different classes along with their exclusive weapons, special powers and abilities as well as style of gameplay, like offensive, defensive and stealth.


Want to fight for survival ? Stake beasts to heart ? Or maybe you want drink weak human blood ? Or maybe you want to have vampire or human as a snack for a breakfast ? Do you want stalk, stake, sneak, run, shoot, eat, growl, drink, jump, hide, turn into bat ? Everything is possible in Return to Church.















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This game is not released yet!