Wolferion Entertainment

Magus Tower Defense

Simple, but solid TD game. There are two types of towers in the game: offensive and support. Offensive towers purpose is to do damage to enemies while support towers increase power of those attack towers. The other twist of the game is that there are multiple paths, but you can't block or change them, which makes the enemies spread to all directions and you have to strategically plan where are the best spots to concentrate in building your towers.



Eight Different maps with difficulty from sandbox to impossible
Game map multiple paths and multiple endings.
Two speed-up options: 2x, 3x.
Game statistics per map: highest score, win and lose count.
Nine different tower types.
Hot keys.
Starting tutorials/instructions.
Tips and keys in ingame menu, tutorial in first level.
Six different elements which apply to towers and enemies.
Interactive UI: Mute music, Mute sounds, Change volume of sounds, Change speed of game, Send wave instantly.
Multi path enemy walking.



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